Captain Tsubasa tells the story of the growth of a group of young and promising soccer players, and how they finally make their mark in the world arena. The story describes the football career of Tsubasa Osora, Kojiro, Lin Yuansan and others from childhood to adulthood, and how they broke out of Japan and entered the world. Of course, the most exciting thing is the setbacks and struggles each of them encountered after joining a world-class football team.


For the one thing they like, they make unremitting efforts and struggles. For the one thing they like, they are willing to dedicate all their youth and exhaust their energy. This is the person who pursues dreams! At first, they were the idols I admired. At the beginning, just like my friends, I felt the persistence of my dreams from them, and awakened my enthusiasm: as long as it is something that I really like, I will let it go. Well, don't take other factors into consideration, don't think about any results, as long as you think it's something you like, you must do it bravely.




2022 q4

1. Online ido
2. Online pledge ecology
3. Online nft ecology
4. ck audit
5. Online cmc cg
6. Destroy 10%

2023 q1

1. Gamefi governance token
2. Holding more than 1w
3. Listed on Matcha Exchange
4. Destroy 25%

2023 q2

1. Cooperate with leading projects to develop joint Nft
2. Destroy 50%

2024 q3

1. List Binance coinbase
2. Destroy 75%